The Doxense Watchdoc™ family of print management software products, offers the right solution at the right time, from print/copy tracking with document cost control to full print management and rule-based printing.

How to Start?

Begin with Watchdoc Audit Manager and then purchase the upgrade key to move easily to the Watchdoc Standard Edition or Watchdoc Extended Edition. Add new functions and help your company minimize printing expenses, maximize office equipment efficiency with online monitoring, reduce waste, ensure document privacy and boost your profit.

  • Count

Who prints, what, where, when, and how much in which quality (whatever device; local or network).

  • Analyze

Your multi-function printing organization with real reporting and graphical statistics. Watchdoc analyzes the data, and gives you the result.

  • Organize 

Your printing devices with the right metrics, such as charge (bill-back) by user, department, cost center, project or client. Add access rights to color or to a device. Define the rules for each copier or multi-function resource with job contents analysis.

  • Security 

Integrate Watchdoc into your current IT infrastructure with up-to-date software that works with all your multi-functional network printers and copiers. You will also be able to track the local printers’ activities (USB and direct IP).

  • Control

The rules’ benefits and efficiency, making your future tender easier to manage.

Your Challenges

The print and copy area is, for end users, a rules-free area. All companies are in the search of “cost killing” solutions with better quality of services to end users. It is a real challenge because the user’s expertise is in his or her job, NOT in print management.

Wasting time, money, resources, environment due to inefficient printing and copying management.

Higher equipment costs due to ineffective use of current equipment and overbuying new, individual devices, and too many cartridges.

Ineffective use of color for jobs that don’t need it or for non-business purposes.

Inaccurately distributing expenses due to unknown usage of equipment by various departments or cost centers.

Breakdown in security due to confidential or sensitive printouts lying around the office unclaimed.

Losing productivity without monitoring the multiple vendors devices or using the right device for the right job.

Draining IT support resources with excessive printing-related calls to the help desk.

System Requirements


  • Windows 2003 or higher OS print server
  • IIS for the 100% web management platform
  • MS SQL server (all versions), MS SQL Server Express, PostgreSQL or MySQL
  • Watchdoc™ is a .net Framework and Unicode software

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