WooXo is a fireproof, waterproof, shock-resistant and multi-drive NAS/RAID storage device for terabytes of your business data.

As the center of your private cloud, WooXo takes its power from solid Linux server management system. It allows for fast and secure access to your local network or any model network connection of your choice.

Wooxo Security Boxes

WooXo Security Boxes are designed and assembled by WooXo Company in France; a hardware and software publisher specializing in protection and secure-sharing of digital business property for professional organizations of all sizes.


It’s all about your security, your data and your privacy. All together.

Why not Public Cloud:


If you want to backup 10-20 GB of your personal data, public cloud may be the best option, but if you have terabytes of confidential company data, is public cloud a reliable option? Certainly not!


Sending just a terabyte of data through internet can take days or months. Now think about 2-3 terabytes! A year to upload, another year to download! The local secure hard drives are far faster than public clouds.


This is completely affordable that you have a local secure storage in terabytes instead of spending on binding annual costs for gigabytes as public cloud.


Public and private cloud are not even comparable in terms of security. Your data in public clouds can get hacked, deleted or leaked. Instead, by using the private version of cloud you can control how your local data is stored, accessed and managed. All of these advantages added to the physical security of WooXo Makes this product a win for your enterprise.

A disaster-proof private cloud storage for your information. Just like the aircraft black box, designed to protect and secure your most important digital data.

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