Every company/organization has a permanent problem named risks, threats and security attacks. In the meantime, there’s some groups that are getting these risks serious and pay the costs for prevention of them. They are caring about security tips because they know that the information is the valuable property of every company.

On the other hand, there’s another group with a different imagination. Of course with a naive look, thinking that no infection is threatening the systems and the network. Unfortunately this is a wrong belief and should say that a secure computer is the powered off one. By providing suitable solutions and using the best experienced experts, we can help you for protecting your network & systems against security threats.

Checking your information network structure gives us the ability for making a plan for security infrastructure, network design and recognition of weakness points. By using reasonable tools and solutions we can block security bugs and decrease network risk appetite.

One of important and basic issues of companies is the acceptance of security matters by internal users. Researches are rational; over the 70% of security risks are made by human errors!

We are beside you; from the entrance that is using of the world’s best technologies in security, also providing the right training for promoting the information security culture.


Offering services:

Recognition of probable security bugs and vulnerable points.

Personnel training in information security field.

Providing security solutions and instructions.

Providing various network security test methods.