A visual history of FaraComputer

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FaraComputer founded by Sadr family in Ahwaz city – one of the biggest industrial cities of Iran through presence of main Iranian Oil Companies - in a beautiful Thursday at September, 22.


FaraComputer in Hardware

In this era, Iran market demands for hardware; something that Fara was expert in it. Microsoft Windows 95 launch in this year was a revolution in computer market and it coincided with Fara establishment. Having powerful specialists in hardware, made Fara as a leader of the market in south of Iran. Excellent support for costumers helped Fara for growth and the pathway of the company was revealed.


FaraComputer in Network

By invention of Wi-Fi in 1999, Microsoft Windows XP in this year and rise of networks in the world, made FaraComputer to think about networking. Providing network hardware and cabling implementation was the start of FaraComputer in this way. From 2005 Fara was one of the best advisor and consultant in enterprise computer networks.


FaraComputer in Security

Progress in network was a good reason for Fara to being partner of the most professional company in IT Security. Kaspersky! After 3 years of working on security solutions, in 2010, Fara became the Gold Partner of Kaspersky in Iran. Also being the exclusive partner of WooXo - a security NAS box for internal information of companies – helps Fara for better consultant of network Security. Expert support and sale specialists in this department like others, made Fara a reliable advisor and provider of security solution.


FaraComputer in Software Development

Lack of something like a powerful and simple native HelpDesk and also having a fully professional development team gets the attention of French PCI Company to invest and have shares in a development project named SimplyDesk. A real simple, modern and powerful ServiceDesk that is always ongoing.


FaraComputer in Print Management

FaraComputer always think about the environment, saving trees and also better recycle. Best solution for this problems was using and providing a print management software like Watchdoc. A software that helps for reducing of prints in the organization, save trees and stop wasting. FaraComputer is the exclusive distributor of Watchdoc in Iran.


FaraComputer in Cloud Computing

Experience in SimplyDesk as a cloud (SaaS) software and also market need of private cloud for internal services, raise the thinking for starting work in this scope. Thin-client and Zero-client providing by being partner with German Rangee Company, was the second step after think! Now, Fara specialists in this area, can advise solutions for better use of computers in network by cloud computing.